Glass runs through Jenny’s vaines. Her family has been involved in glass-trading and glass-making for decades.
After studying architecture in Berlin and the birth of her two daughters, Jenny Ritzenhoff began to work with traditional glass blowers and in this experimental phase she deepened her knowledge about the properties and qualities of the material glass.
The Glass Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, with its outstanding study- and workconditions, gave Jenny the opportunity to develop her own perspectives on this material (Diploma of Fine Arts in 2013).
The series 'TRACES by Jenny Ritzenhoff' with 'Pinus I' was joy- and masterfully be blown with Mark Locock, Ootmarssum, the Netherlands, thank you Mark! Watch the movie, made by Juliaan Philbert, Reframe-Audiovisual Storytelling. Thank you for this wonderful movie.
The series "TRACES by Jenny Ritzenhoff", with "Pinus II" and "Tilia", was masterfully produced by RITZENHOFF AG, Marsberg, Germany, by skilled glassblowers. Luckily Ritzenhoff still has the ability to make hand crafted glass.

Traces of change and transience, traces of a concealed poetry of the (in)visible world blown in glass. The vases of Jenny Ritzenhoff’s ‘Pinus’ and ‘Tilia’ series have been blown into trunks of pine and lime trees. Every single vase is mapping a different inner life of the trunk.