Material Experience

I wonder if the associative character of material can dissolve? Or is the viewer always willed to associate something with material and shape?

For my own work I find it interesting to play with differences in materials, I like to play with their connotations and denotations.


My way of working and also the indefinite appearance of my sculptures leave an uncertainty for the beholder and also for myself. You cannot fully determine what you see, if you do not touch it. You discover certain materials, but through their combination, manipulation and reaction towards each other, another information is added. I think, the combination of materials and their reaction with each other; the silent interaction between them can create this uncertainty. Uncertainty plays a huge part in my work, because I rarely know in the beginning what I am working on. I know what I am doing, I have this urge and compassion to make something, but many ways I understand much later what it is about. What is it then?